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About us...

So Glad You're Here!

Welcome to a safe space just for you. We all have anxieties and stresses we don't talk or do much about. But if you've dropped by here, kudos to you! It's the first step towards making progress towards helping yourself and not going through it all alone. Here we come together and open a dialogue about our mental health and break the stigma. Whether you’re looking for relevant information, need a place to share your personal experiences, or simply want to open your heart and mind to help those in need; friends going through similar situations from different walks of life and your very own NMIMS University Counsellor, we are here for you.



Millions of cases of depression are reported annually with a larger crowd whose voices remain unheard. Our platform serves those very people who need to hear:

We are there for you.


With an aim to serve as a channel to reconcile with oneself, we hope to provide a safe space for all students to move a step closer towards holistic wellbeing.

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